president & vice president related important Articles

Monday, 17 December 2018

president & vice president related important Articles :
➡️Article 56 -Term of office of president
➡️Article 57-Eligibility for re-eletion.
➡️ Article 58-Qualification for election as president .
➡️Article 59-Conditions of president's office.
➡️Article 60- Oath and affirmation by the president.
➡️Article 62 -Time of holding election to fill vacancy in the office of president.
➡️Article 63-The vice president of India .
➡️Article 64-The vice-president to be ex-office Chairman of the Council of States.
➡️Article 65- vice president to act as president or to discharge his functions during Casual vacancies in the office or during the absence of president .
➡️Article 66-Election of vice-president.
➡️Article 67-Term of office of vice president  .
➡️Article 68- Time of holding Election to fill Vacancy in the office of vice- president and the term of office of person elected to fill casual vacancy.
➡️ Article 69- Oath or affirmations by the vice-president.
➡️Article 70-Discharge of president's  functions in other contingencies.
➡️Article 71 -Matters relating to or connected with, the eletion of vice-president .
➡️Article 72- power of president to grant pardons etc, and to suspend, remit or commute sentences in certain cases.
➡️ Article 74- Council of ministers to aid and advise the president.
➡️ Article 75-other provisions as to ministers like appointment, term, Salaries, etc.
➡️ Article 76- Attorney General of India.
➡️Article 77- Conduct of business of the government of India.
➡️  Article 78- Duties of prime minister in respect to furnishing of information to the president etc.
➡️ Article-85 -sessions of parliament, prorogation and dissolution .
➡️Article-111-Assent to bills passed by the president .
➡️Article 112-union Budget .
➡️Article 123-power of  president to promulgate ordinances.
➡️ Article 143-power of president to consult Supreme court.

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