Monday 10 February 2020


➢  Good morning children.
➢  Good afternoon children.
➢  Good evening children.

➢  How are you children?
➢  We are fine. thank you sir.
➢  How are you sir?
➢  I am also fine thank you.
➢  What day is it today?
➢  What is the date today?


➢  Please listen to me now I am going to call your names.
➢  Now I will take your attendance.
➢  OK. Listen while call your names.
➢  Say your names for attendance.
➢  Let me take your attendance.
➢  Answer your attendance.
➢  Ravi, can you give me your attendance.
➢  Were you present yesterday?
➢  Is Rani absent today?
➢  Where are Padma and Ravi?
➢  Look here


➢  Come to the blackboard.
➢  Write your name on the blackboard.
➢  Write the date on the blackboard.
➢  Open the door.
➢  Shut the window.
➢  Close the door.
➢  Go back to your seat.
➢  Please listen to me carefully.
➢  Come forward.
➢  Sit in the first row.
➢  Stand up.
➢  Bring me a piece of chalk. 
➢  Please turn on the fan.
➢  Please turn off the fan.
➢  Can any one rub the black board?
➢  Form in a group.
➢  Come and sit Besides Ravi.
➢  Move a little bit.
➢  Don’t move.


➢  Listen, don’t say anything.
➢  Don’t make a noise.
➢  Please keep quite.
➢  Look here.
➢  Look at the blackboard.
➢  Please listen to me carefully.
➢  Stop talking.
➢  Will you stop talking?
➢  Write with a pencil/pen.
➢  Avoid eating in the class.
➢  Come and sit here.
➢  Stand up.
➢  Raise your hand.
➢  Stop doing that.
➢  Get out.
➢  Wait outside.
➢  Don’t say like that.
➢  Stay here.
➢  Go back.
➢  Shut your mouth first.
➢  I will tell your parents/H.M.
➢  Just listen.
➢  Stretch your hand.
➢  Come to me.
➢  Listen what I say.
➢  Be silent.
➢  Talk politely.
➢  Don’t wander in the veranda.
➢  Come here.
➢  Go to the play ground.
➢  Please pay your attention.
➢  Stand in a line.
➢  Give her some space.  
➢  Don’t call her by her name.
➢  Don’t see badly.

➢  Don’t say badly.
➢  Do your work.
➢  Don’t give us disturbance.
➢  Don’t come late to school.
➢  Observe carefully.
➢  Try to come in time.
➢  Don’t be silly in the class.
➢  Go silently.
➢  Who is making a noise?
➢  What are you doing in the last?
➢  What are you eating in the class?
➢  Rani, are you sleeping in the class?
➢  Don’t you do homework in class?
➢  You must come to school before.
➢  You mustn’t come late.
➢  Why are you late?
➢  Come in.
➢  Get in.
➢  Come inside.
➢  Go to your class room.


➢ What did I say yesterday?
➢ Where did we stop the lesson yesterday?
➢ Who can say what I did yesterday?
➢  Who knows it?
➢  Can anyone read what I have written in the blackboard?
➢  Have brought your workbooks?
➢ Can anyone say what I did yesterday?
➢  What Ravi, what happened to you?
➢  What happened to you?
➢  In the morning class, I told you a story now I would like to continue.
➢  Now I am going to draw some thing on the blackboard.
➢  Watch it carefully.
➢  Have you done the homework?
➢  Show me your home work one by one.
➢  Why haven’t you done your homework?
➢  Ravi, come here write the date on the blackboard. 
➢  Show me your copy writing notebook.
➢  Take out your notebooks.
➢  Open your workbook page no.14.
➢  We discussed it yesterday.

6. While teaching the lesson:
➢  Can you see the picture?
➢  Can anyone answer this question?
➢  Have you understood it?
➢  Can I clean the blackboard?
➢  Can you give me an example?
➢  What is the picture of?
➢  What I mean……….
➢  At what time……….
➢  Which one …………..
➢  What am I telling is?
➢  Let me say first.
➢  Which ever is less ...
➢  Which ever is more.....
➢  What ever it may be.
➢  As for my knowledge.
➢  In other words.
➢  In the mean while.
➢  In the mean time.
➢  Now we are going to read these words.
➢  It's very important.

➢  Has the bell rung?
➢  Has the bell gone?
➢  Read aloud.

Read silently.
➢  Write quickly.
➢  Please say it again.
➢  Say it aloud after me.
➢  Don’t say it after me.
➢  Come and meet me after the class.
➢  Say answers this/these question/questions.
➢  Is it very clear?
➢  Is there any more doubt?
➢  Don’t say in group together.
➢  Follow me.
➢  Write down. 
➢  Take down.
➢  Don’t write, listen to me.
➢  Go and blow your nose.
➢  Underline the words with the pencil.
➢  Tell me what happened actually.
➢  It’s.... it is.
➢  Let us begin.

7. Ending the lesson:
➢  Take this as homework.
➢  Do your homework at home.
➢  Let us stop the lesson here.
➢  Listen to me, you have a class tomorrow.
➢  You will be here by 8 am tomorrow.
➢ Time is up, close your books, you may go home.

8. At the examination hall:
➢  Don’t disperse the answers.
➢  Don’t exchange answers. / Take out cheat sheets if any.
➢  Write quickly.
➢  Stop writing.
➢  Sit right.
➢  Tie your papers then write.
➢  Time is up.
➢  Check your mistakes.
➢  Please write your register number in the box given.
➢  Please write your name on your answer sheet.
➢  Write the question number in the margin.
➢  Try to write bold letters.
➢  Keep your papers on the table.
➢  Don’t peep on others papers while writing exam.
➢  Give back your answer papers.
➢  Think before you write.
➢  Don’t fold your answer sheets.
➢  Does anybody want additional sheets?
➢  Now I am closing  giving additional sheets.
➢  Stop writing.
➢  Don’t write here.
➢  Read instructions before writing.
➢  You, first go through the question paper.
➢  If you have any cheat slips, give to me.
➢  Don’t copy from others.

9.At the prayer Assembly:
➢  Those who came late, stay here.
➢  Those who are not in uniform stay here.
➢  After disperse of the prayer go to your class rooms in a line.
➢  This is Mr.Ravi would like to say a few words about the significance of
teachers day.
➢  I would like to say a good quotation.
➢  Form in a line in class wise.
➢  Here is an important announcement, please listen to me carefully.
➢  All of you go to your classes in a line after the prayer.
➢  Be silent.

10. While conducting special occasions:
➢  All of you sit calmly. sweets will be distributed.
➢  Come forward
➢  While meeting is going on, don’t make a noise.
➢  ....(name) come up  the stage and sing a song.
➢  Please give him a big hand.
➢  The first prize goes to(name)i,come forward and receive your prize.
➢  I request our honorable H.M to address this occasion.
➢  Its my pleasure and privilege on this happy occasion.
➢  I am very happy to be associated with all of you.
➢  Let me take leave of you.
➢  Thank you one and all

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