SPD - UDISE data and uploading of the same on the UDISE portal shall be completed by 27.02.2020

Thursday 27 February 2020

It is informed that as a part of the implementation of the UDISE + 2019 - 20 , the school wise data have to be updated and validated for all schools in the districts.

The provision for updation and validation of the UDISE + data have been included in EMIS Portal . The UDISE + Data Capture Format for the year 2019 - 20 has been shared with districts in order to share the same with schools concerned . The same has also been made available in the EMIS Portal . For the effective implementation of UDISE + at all levels , the following instructions are issued to the Chief Educational Officers .

1 . All recognized schools should be covered under UDISE + without any commission or omission .

2 . All School HMs , should be instructed to fill in all data as per UDISE + data capture format applicable to schools and to upload the same on the UDISE + module in EMIS Portal .

3 . The cluster coordinators concerned ( BRTE ) should check and verify the UDISE + data filed in by the schools of all Management , which have been attached to the cluster concerned and they are responsible for the validity of the data furnished by the schools in their jurisdiction .

4 . The Block Educational officers ( BEO ) & Block UDISE Coordinator should check and verify the data authenticated by all the BRTES in their blocks and certify the same .

5 . The District Educational officers should check and verify the data authenticated by the BEOs , and certify the same for the blocks in their jurisdiction .

6 . The Chief Educational officer has to authenticate the data by furnishing the certificate to the SPO .

7 . Since the District UDISE Coordinators and the programmers already having sufficient experience in UDISE Implementation work , they shall ensure proper coordination and implementation process of UDISE .

8 . The updating of UDISE data and uploading of the same on the UDISE portal shall be completed by 27 . 02 . 2020 .

9 . The necessary certificates for the authentication for the officers / BRTEs will be made available on EMIS portal .

Hence all CEOs are requested to take immediate steps to implement UDISE Plus data uploading and validation of data within the time frame fixed.

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