ஊரக உள்ளாட்சி தேர்தல் மதிப்பூதியம் பழைய ஆணை இரத்து செய்யப்பட்டு புதிய ஆணை வெளியீடு

Thursday 20 February 2020


1. The Orders issued in the Proceedings second read above is hereby cancelled .

2 . Consistent with the practice of giving honorarium to the Officers and staff members for the arduous work done for the conduct of Rural Local Bodies Election and the discharge of onerous responsibility associated with the Elections , the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission has considered sanction of honorarium to the Officers and Staff members , both permanent / temporary , in the Districts worked in connection with the Rural Local Bodies Election , 2019 in consonance with the orders issued in the G . O . first read above . 

3 . Accordingly , sanction is accorded for the payment of honorarium at the following rates to the District Election Officers , other Officials and Staff members in districts for having attended the strenuous election work during the Rural Local Body Elections , 2019 :

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